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Brian Phipps

Brian has been photographing for over 20 years and turned professional in 2003. Originally in the beginning he was a wildlife photographer and whether it was a cute field mouse or magnificent red deer nothing was passed up.

Things started to change when commissions started to come in that weren’t wildlife related these included Horse Racing, Aviation, Property, Farming, Bridges, Boats, Products, Motor Racing and much more, rarely turning anything away Brian’s career was spreading out.

Brian Phipps - Photojournalist

Brian was not content with only just pushing the shutter, he started writing regularly for Western Daily Press’s Saturday magazine and the famous Amateur Photographer.

Over the years Brian has won various photographic competitions which includes the Environment Agency, BBC Wild link twice and then the British Deer Society, it was the BDS win that changed Brian’s photographic direction yet again, This didn’t go unnoticed, world renown Roe Deer expert Richard Prior contacted Brian and asked him to work on his latest book “Deer Watch” it was a honor just to be asked, working with such a prestigious person within the stalking world open many doors.

Recently his was proud to be awarded Blaze Publishings Photographer of the Year 2011.

Brian is a countryman through and through and can regularly be found shooting whether is down Wildfowling on the Cornish coast basking in the morning sun or stalking Red Deer in the Mountain’s of Scotland knee deep in snow.

We are now in 2011 with over 100 articles published and over 35 front covers to his credit its all go, Brian has been writing for Sporting Rifle magazine since 1997 and supplies images to many magazines around the world and regularly commissioned by Shooting Times, recent articles include an interview with Xavier Louis Vuitton, Deer stalking with organizations such as National Trust for Scotland, Crown Estate on Exmoor, Forestry Commission in the New Forest (first Journalist ever) He also covered a lamping feature for Sporting Rifle and the evening produced Britain’s biggest ever fox shot.

Photojournalist in Action - Brian Phipps

Brian’s photography hasn’t gone unnoticed he has had articles written about him in Ephotozine, Digital Camera Essentials, Wildlife Trust magazine, Amateur Photographer, Western Morning News and Western Daily Press.

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